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Why BoXession?

  • We are 100% FREE!
  • We review ALL Subscription Boxes and the Products that go in them.
  • We have a Team of 6 Bloggers who all have different interests and family members who help with reviews – from pets to partners!
  • Our Facebook Group has over 7300 members and rising at a rate of 1000 per month!
  • Our group is very active; the group insights data shows 71.3k posts and comments in the past 28 days.
  • We now have our own BoXession YouTube Channel; this means that people who are non-members can see our Unboxing Videos now too!
  • We use our Instagram and Twitter accounts to promote any Company we are working with for extra advertising.


What we offer?

  • Live interactive unboxing’s within 48 Hours of receiving your products. Members can ask questions during the videos (plain YouTube unboxing’s don’t do that).
  • A full written review on a Website that currently attracts 7000 views a month and rising.
  • Running competitions for FREE! We take no fee whatsoever.
  • Publishing exclusive discount codes on our Website.
  • Comparison reviews of similar Boxes using Star Ratings.


What Companies think of us?

See our Testimonial Page here …

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