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Secret Scent Box Review by Nazia – February 2018

Thank you to Anil the founder of Secret Scent box for sending us these lovely little boxes to review. Secret Scent Box is a monthly UK fragrance subscription box that lets you discover new designer perfumes or aftershaves. Each month you receive three handpicked fragrances that lasts 30 days. The perfumes are packaged inside a cute and smart little black box that is the perfect size to fit through your letterbox – so no having to wait in for the parcels!

If you missed my live unboxing you can re-watch here:

The February Edition includes:

3 x 3ml vials of perfume, each spray top bottle is designed to hold at least 10 days usage and this is based on 4 squirts per day. Each bottle comes with its very own description card.

Gucci Bloom – Launched in late 2017, a rich white floral scent that transports to a colourful and diverse garden verdant with flowers and plants.

Tops notes – Rangoon creeper

Middle notes – Jasmine Bud

Base notes – Natura Tuberose

Davidoff Cool Water Woman – Like a modern mermaid emerging from the sea in a wave of freshness, Cool Water Woman captures the essence of natural, sensual beauty.

Top notes – Mint, Watermelon, Pineapple, Blackcurrant

Middle notes – May rose, Jasmine, Muguet

Base notes – Iris, Vetiver, Peach, Mulberry

FCUK3 for her – A fun scent from popular UK brank FCUK. Fruity and floral, it is a great choice as a casual perfume which has a youthful and trendy element

Top notes – Mandarin orange, Pink Pepper, Red Berries

Middle notes – Jasmine, Gardenia, Rose

Base notes – Amber, Woody notes, Vanilla

Also included in the box is a refer a friend card which allows both you and a friend to receive an extra scent when they sign up to Secret Scent Box!


How it works:

Each month you will receive a men’s or women’s Secret Scent Box containing:

  • 3 x 3ml surprise fragrances chosen by Secret Scent for you to discover (9ml in total)
  • 3 x accompanying fragrance note cards
  • Enough fragrance to last 30 days (Ideal for approx. 4 sprays a day)
  • 100% Authentic designer and brand name fragrances
  • At least one new designer or brand name fragrance
  • Delivered in letterbox friendly packaging (no need to be home to receive)
  • FREE delivery to anywhere in the UK & Europe!

Choose your plan:

1-month plan £15 per month on a rolling contract. Cancel at any time

6 month plan upfront payment of £84 which works out to £14 per month

12 month plan upfront payment of £156 which works out to £13 per month

Delivered via Royal Mail and includes postage (yippee – who doesn’t like free postage?!)



Gucci Bloom – I generally like Gucci as a brand and have owned many of their perfumes but unfortunately this was not for me. Although the description is accurate in describing it like a floral garden scent I find the scent heavy, overpowering and cloying. After spraying it did set off a headache so I think I will be gifting this bottle to my mum as it’s definitely something she is more likely to wear.

Davidoff Cool Water Woman – Having never tried this before I was extremely curious to know how this smelt. It is a well-rounded almost masculine but still feminine fragrance. It has a very cool aquatic scent with florally undertones which makes it a beautiful, light perfume that is also unexpectedly long lasting!

FCUK3 for her – I was actually very surprised by how much I liked this perfume and for some reason it reminded me of my younger, teenage years. A playful and girly fragrance with a mix of floral and fruity tones. Definitely a youthful perfume to wear during summer. Although it has a lovely sweet smell that makes me feel warm and happy, I found that it didn’t last very long 😦

This subscription box is a fantastic concept as perfumes can be quite costly, and I see this as a good way to ‘try before you buy’. Imagine walking into a well-known department store and spending several pounds on a perfume or aftershave to find that you don’t actually like it as much as you first thought! With this subscription you can sample THREE different fragrances each month – which allows you enough time to experience each perfume and decide if you want to purchase full sizes in the future. Secret Scent Box is one of the few boxes that caters to both men and woman, so makes a lovely gift for friends and family to experience. If like me, you love trying new perfumes then this subscription may just be for you!


To find out more about secret scent from their website & social media sites:

I hope you enjoyed reading..

Nazia x


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