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Anonymous Jewellery Review in Collaboration with Nor Lisa Fashion – January 2018

This week I had a really nice pink box arrive in the post for review.  I knew I was going to be guest blogging for BoXession and they had mentioned it would be a jewellery subscription box but apart from that I was clueless.  I wanted my unboxing to be pure with little background or knowledge of the brand so I could give my honest opinion.  I was asked to do a LIVE unboxing so the nerves as usual were shaky but I got through it and you can watch this here if you fancy a laugh…

The box is monthly and you have the choice for a one-off box.  Prices start at £10.90 (this appears to have went up since I live unboxed to £12.50) and you can choose how many surprise pieces you would like.  They send you a personality quiz type questionnaire to find out you style.  As I was blogging I didn’t receive a questionnaire and I got earrings which I don’t wear but that was at no fault of the company.  I will pass those along in a give away!

Winter Key Rose Gold Bracelet

I love this cute little bracelet!  I usually would find jewellery with things like keys on them tacky but with the dainty detailing and intricate work I really feel this is a stylish piece.  The back has a lovely dangle detail with stones embedded on the ends which just add extra luxury to this piece.

Gold Pia Necklace

I have been wearing the necklace now for 3 days.  To give it a good strong review I wore it 24/7 including sleeping, baths and showers (naughty me) because I know some people forget to take off! I’ve had no taring, no stained skin and no wear or breakage at all.  I am comfortable at this point to say it is a good strong and reliable piece.  I would recommend the necklace as a statement piece in your wardrobe accessorise collection.

eGold Circle Pearl Earrings

I couldn’t find the same earrings on the website so the link is for a similar pair.  Even tho I didn’t get a chance to try these I do like the design and they seem good and sturdy.

In summary I love the concept behind the monthly subscription box.  It’s definitely something different and not only is the concept a novelty but the branding is well thought through.  The website is very simple and straight to the point, easy to use also which is very important.  Nothing worse than a frustrating website.  The parcel arrived via Royal Mail with a post box friendly sized box which I really appreciate as I HATE those little red slips.  Price wise I think even tho its more risky getting the monthly surprise box it is definitely better value.  All of the items I tried I would say are worth the RRP price on the website. I would recommend this box and buying the jewellery separately and I think it would make an ideal gift also!

full 1

Use code – BOXESSION15 for 15% discount on your first box!

I would like a say a big thank you to Anonymous jewellery for sending me such lovely and unique jewellery which I know I will continue to enjoy wearing,  I hope you guys enjoyed my reviews!  Also of course not forgetting BoXession who on this occasion I have guest blogged for,  I look forward to our continued work together.

Necklace Featured £9 – Gold Pia Necklace 

Bracelet Featured £14 – Winter Key Rose Gold Bracelet
Earrings Featured  – Gold Circle Pearl Earrings

BoXession Mission

“We work with businesses to review their products and services. We offer advertising, competitions and reviews for our Website”
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