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Boxieteen Review by Katie – October 2017

A massive thank you to Pam, the lovely and friendly owner of this fantastic box. This is the third month running I have had the pleasure of reviewing Boxieteen and it is common knowledge that this is one of my favourite boxes. This is the box I can recommend to anyone, it is very well put together each month and suitable and loved by any female teenage years or older. The name is misleading, this certainly is not only for teenagers.

Each month I have received at least 10 items, a perfectly balanced mix of beauty, skin care and lifestyle. They are always full size and always things that would be used. The items are always great quality and amazing value, the box price each month is £20 plus p&p and the box has always been worth at least £40, usually significantly more and closer to the £50 mark. I can honestly say I have not yet received a single product that would not be used.

October’s box had a lovely autumn theme, Pam included a little note for everyone in the box explaining the theme of the box, I loved this personal touch and thought the note wax really cute and personal, reminds us that it is a normal person running a small business that she is passionate about, here is the note included

“as I walked the fog today, there was a real sense of autumn in the air. Golden leaves lay scattered on the ground, the smell of dampness filled my nostrils and there was enough of a chill to need a jacket.

Autumn is by far my favourite season. I love the colours from plums, greens and browns to mustards and reds. I have used these colours to design you a limited edition “Autumn Box”.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you.” Pam Morris.

See my live unboxing here …


Tanya Burr Lipgloss RRP £5.99

This was the first item I pulled out of the box, a lovely dark pink shimmer lip gloss, this gloss would look lovely on top a really dark plum lipstick for a glossy look. I have had a couple of Tanya Burr Lip glosses and i can tell you they smell delicious, and have a lovely subtle shimmer, they are not the most pigmented glosses but perfect to turn your favourite matte lippies into a gloss by popping a little bit over the top. They are also not overly sticky, nothing worse than the wind blowing your hair in your face and it sticking to your lips.

Maybelline Colour Show Lip Crayon RRP £4.99

Wow, my favourite part of autumn is the dark and vampy autumn lip shades and this is one of those colours, this colour is perfect for me in autumn, a dark burgundy red is a staple colour in my autumn lip collection. This lip Crayon is so creamy and buttery and the colour intensity is amazing, I’m not usually a fan of drugstore lippies but I will certainly be on the lookout for a couple more of these.

Manhattan Marcel Ostertag Eyeshadow RRP £4.99

A simple eyeshadow palette with shimmery autumnal browns and bronzes, perfect size for your make-up bag. This eyeshadow palette was not amazing quality but it was still usable and in popular colours. I do think that I may be a little bit of a palette snob though and it is very hard to please me and impress me with an eyeshadow palette that does not have a £40 plus price tag. I think most people who like drugstore brands would be impressed with this little palette.

Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Polish RRP £4.59

This would be the perfect match in colour for the lip Crayon received, a dark vampy plummy burgundy, also the perfect colour for winter toes, we all love a dark nail colour on our toes at this time of the year. I’m looking forward to using this on my weekend off next week.

Handmade Boxie Bath Bomb

Who doesn’t love a large fizzy bath bomb in their bath, I’m not sure what scent this is meant to be but it smells divine, it’s musky, woody and smells like an expensive perfume. This is the kind of bath bomb that will fill your whole bathroom with smell of it even after you have finished bathing.


Wish Strings Bracelet RRP £3.25

This is another very cute bracelet received from Boxie, I am always impressed with the bracelets I receive from Boxie. This cute wish string has an adorable little Deer charm on it. It is the typical on trend handmade wish bracelet. Make a wish, tie a knot and when the bracelet breaks your wishes and dreams will all come true, a truly adorable concept. I am a real sucker for anything sweet like this.

Hello You Bird Keyring RRP 2.99

This adorable keyring is made from wood and painted yellow with the text “hello you” printed on it, it’s a lovely cheerful chirpy addition to any bunch of keys. Another sweet and adorable accessory from Boxie.

Cactus Magnet RRP £1.50

A lively domed resin magnet, cactus prints and images are very popular at the moment and this magnet is lovely, it features a hand painted image of a cactus that looks like a small child has painted it, it has a resin dome over it making it look like glass.

Floral Hardback Notebook RRP £4.99

My favourite item in this box is this notebook, it has a ditsy floral print in autumnal greens, browns, burgundy, and mustard yellow. It’s an A5 notebook with an elastic page divider, it has quality lined paper inside and I’d perfect for your autumn handbag notebook.

Boxie Inspirational quote pencil

The perfect addition to your new notebook, a natural wood pencil with eraser topper featuring a positive, inspirational quote. Be sure to keep it sharpened and ready to make a note of those amazing ideas, scribble your dreams and wishes or even make a note of that thing you need to do.

Ceramic Oil Burner

Perfect to fill your room with your favourite autumn evening smell, my personal choice will be to have it burning spicy, relaxing aromatic chai scented oil with a touch of vanilla. I love warming aromas burning in my burner on chilly autumn evenings when I want to relax and wind down. A lovely simple style in a light green colour, this oil burner will fit in perfectly with most decor as it is subtle and plain looking.


I loved this box from start to finish again, I constantly recommend it to the BoXession members and followers as I know it will please anyone female and over 12, teenagers and adults alike. Nothing would go wasted, it is a truly amazing box if you want a box of usable treats each month.


  • Boxieteen £19.95 plus p&p
  • Boxieteen value £43.78
  • Saving you a massive £23.83.


Katie Emma xoxo


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