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Boxie Review by Katie – August 2017

WOW… I absolutely love everything about this box, from the packaging, the speed in which it arrived and each and every item I received inside it.

I’d like to personally thank Boxie for sending me this wonderful subscription box to review as it was an utter pleasure to receive, it was one of the best boxes I have seen in a long time and the exact type of box I love, a perfect blend of beauty products, home décor products and lifestyle products. This box is aimed at teenage girls but as you will see it is perfectly suitable for any female of around 12 onwards and I know I would be delighted to open this each month just as I know the majority of our members would be too.

I received this box a lot quicker than expected; it came with royal mail in a large brown parcel box. I was at first unsure what it was, so I opened it up to reveal a beautiful duck egg coloured satin finish cardboard box with the Boxie logo printed in shimmering gold on the top, and the website address on the front The packaging box itself already had me loving Boxie it was so beautiful and the colours were perfect together, the satin finish looked really expensive and I was already planning what I was going to store in it when I had it empty. I carefully opened the box to reveal the message I’ve arrived again printed in the beautiful gold print on the front of the inside of the box, details like this are just so lovely and show how serious some people are about their business and just how much thought goes into the tiniest little things such as packaging, I was so impressed. These small things really got me excited to what I was receiving in the box. The box was bursting at the sides with whatever was inside, and whatever it was it was wrapped in a piece of beautiful thick quality gold tissue paper that matched the colour of the script printed on the box and also sealed with a duck ebb blue sticker with the Boxie logo printed on it again, the packaging was a perfect flow from start to finish. The products inside really needed to be amazing now to live up to the quality and the flow of the packaging… And OMG they were, so let’s get started with the first item I pulled from the prettiest packaging ever.

I unboxed this live on our Facebook Group, which has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel…


Be Silly Glass Plaque RRP £8.99

This was the first item I pulled out of the box, it is approx. A5 in size; it is a clear glass hanging plaque contained in a matte charcoal coloured frame. It has a very simple geometric design printed in black on the glass and a large circle in the middle containing the quote “be silly, be honest, be kind”. I really like this; it is simple, modern and would fit most décor schemes. It also goes perfectly with the colour scheme of my bathroom. The quote is simple and cute too and suitable for anyone of any age.

Follow Your Heart Mug RRP £4.99

This mug is so cute, I adore the pastel colours, it is made of China so perfect for a nice brew, or if like me you think it’s a shame not to have it on display then it’s perfect for storing make-up brushes or pens. It features the quote “follow your heart” again this is suitable for anyone of any age and would fit in well with most décor schemes. The colours remind me of a bag of mini eggs, not too bright but still summery and fun. And the quote is lovely and not too complicated or personal so would make a beautiful gift for any female. Another thumbs up from me on this one.

Amazing Plans Planner RRP £6.00

I love a good note book and even more so if it has the cuteness factor and I can show it off while out and about, the theme to this box is rose gold so no surprises when I tell you it is a lovely peachy colour with the words “amazing plans” embossed across the front in a beautiful shiny rise gold script. It is A6 size with an elastic closure so perfect for your handbag. It has a lovely teal ribbon page marker too so you never lose where you are when planning your “amazing plans”. It is a fully lined notebook so perfect for shopping lists, to do lists or anything else you may need to make a note of. And again it is perfectly suitable and would be loved by teens or adults alike. Boxie is already a massive hot for me; I am loving everything about it.

EXCLUSIVE Bella and Roo handmade lipstick/lip balm holder RRP £6.00

Any one who watched the live unboxing I did will know that I nearly missed this item, I was already so impressed with the box and more than happy with all my goodies, it was only when I read the leaflet contains all the contents that I realised their was another lovely little item hiding in the packaging. When I pulled it out I was in love, it was the cutest handmade cotton lipstick holder with a rose gold clip to hang on your bag or purse, it is very well made and features a large pattern of peachy coloured circles, it fits standard sized lipsticks perfectly and snug so no chance of them falling out, I really liked that they featured this in the box as it’s supporting another small business whilst being a really nice quality item.

Choc O Lait Mocha RRP £2.99

I believe every sub box should contain at least one sugary treat to eat, after all who does not love a bit of a sugar rush to cheer ourselves up? This was a lovely addiction to the box, it’s a cube of chocolate on a stick to swirl in your hot milk to make a hot chocolate drink, perfect in your new mug also in the box, I enjoyed this little treat while watching my fave film and wearing a face mask, I admit I only had it in ¾ of a cup of milk because I wanted extra chocolaty milk, and it was delicious. I do recommend hiding this though as on two occasions it was nearly stolen by my housemate.

Boxie badge RRP £1.50

A little badge in the lovely duck egg colour and featuring the Boxie logo, hopefully this is a taster of more branded items to come, I would love to see a canvas tote or even a cosmetics bag to keep all my Boxie goodies in, it would even be nice to maybe see them swap the Boxie box and package everything in a tote one month featuring the logo and colour.

W7 Eyeshadow brush No02 RRP £4.95

The information leaflet does explain that last months box featured the No01 brush and also suggests that the next box will contain No03, a really good way to build a set of make-up brushes. The eyeshadow brush this month is a flat eyeshadow brush, the type that applies glitter shades perfectly or applies eyeshadow if you need precision for such things as a cut crease or halo eye look. I’d like to see them keep supplying these each month as it’s a really great way for teens especially to get used to specific brushes and their uses over time and also build a collection up.

Technic bronzing eyeshadow’s palette RRP £5.99

I already had this palette which I purchased last summer, I’m not a fan of technic make-up but swatched this palette in a shop last year and was so impressed, it contains 6 eyeshadow’s all gold and bronze colours and a really nice light shimmery champagne colour perfect for highlighting, the pigmentation is amazing and the shimmer is really fantastic too, I used this palette nearly everyday last summer with just a little bronzer, eyebrow product and mascara and I was good to go with my summery sun-kissed look. Perfect addition too for any holiday make-up bag.

Bio Glow apricot and rosemary Body Scrub RRP £6.89

This is a full size product, it smells amazing and is really creamy as well as being a scrub, I used it in the shower and was surprised at how creamy it actually was, I could easily of gotten away with not using shower gel and just used this to wash with which I think is a plus point if going away, it also left my skin moisturised after rinsing too so it could be used instead of three products.

Pretty smooth Cocoa Butter RRP £3.99

Another full size product, again it smelt amazing. I used it after the scrub I received, it was a nice creamy consistency but not as thick as a body butter, I would use as a Lotion instead. It soaked into my skin really quick so was not left feeling sticky and oily for too long before I could dress, the fragrance did not last very long at all which was I was disappointed about as it smelt lively in the tube. The RRP is £3.99 though so a lot cheaper than the brands I usually love so it’s a case of you get what you pay for and at that price I would be more than happy with it.



Overall I am totally in love with this box, I really feel that they are underselling themselves by marketing it as a teen box, I don’t know any adult who would not absolutely love everything in this box. The products were all great quality, everything in it I would use, and nothing would be wasted. The price is amazing for the contents received and the packaging was more than impressive. It looking forward to seeing next months box and seeing if Boxie can live up to this month’s box every month.its honestly one of the best boxes I have seen in a long time and I would be over the moon to receive this box of delight each month.

The august box is £19.95 and the total RRP of the contents received in the box is £52.29, over double the price of the box.


Boxieteen price is £19.95 per month.
A 3 month prepay is £58 saving you £1.85
A 6 month prepay is £115 saving you £4.70
A 12 month prepay is £225 saving you £14.40


Katieemma xx


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  1. boxie for boxession…sounds good, looks the same 🙂 I see you had a great time with boxie Katie 😉 is it really aimed at teenage girls? (it seems I am a teenager in my heart :)) I bought couple boxes today..but can not stop 🙂 I can look at this unboxing video 100 times 🙂 and I think if not this month’s, then next one will be mine!

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