Spoilabox Review by Katieemma – July 2017

This box really had me excited while I was waiting to receive it. I had already seen the June edition and fell in love with it, unfortunately I was not quick enough and it was sold out before I got chance to order it. I was absolutely devastated and even more so seeing all our members posting photos of theirs in the BoXession facebook group. But they say good things come to those who wait and this box really lived up to this phrase.
I’d like to say thank you to the lovely Lucy Braines, owner of   http://www.spoilabox.co.uk/ for putting together such lovely boxes each month. A truly amazing lady who is so helpful and lovely with her subscribers and has totally hit the nail on the head in the world of subscription boxes, totally perfect at what she does right down to the personally written thank you note in each box she sends out to her subscribers. You can see she passionate and determined at what she does when you receive a perfect Spoilabox.
The first thing I want to rave about is the naked marshmallow company marshmallows, rrp £4.99.
OMG…… anyone who saw my Spoilabox live unboxing know how much I loved these gooey little squares of heaven. Soft, squishy, sweet little lumps of delight and happiness. I enjoyed them so much that I had finished the whole box before I finished the live unboxing while totally forgetting I needed to take pictures of them for my review. Thankfully the lovely Lucy saved my bum tho and offered to post another box out for me, this time the raspberry and Prosecco flavoured ones (anyone who watches my lives Knows I’m a little fond of a glass of Prosecco…..or bottle haha).
These are amazing, I am an addict, I am not ashamed to say so. Naked marshmallow anonymous meetings…. I’m there.
The box was absolutely overflowing and once I had emptied it I was no way going to fit everything back in, and I loved every bit of it. The next item was (or if tems) was the Korres shower gels, rrp £8 each. These smelt amazing and the box contained 2 full size bottles. The pear one smelt like a cake shop, these would get used by anyone and would be very family friendly, if you were willing share that is. These retail at £8 each normally so that’s amazing value for the box already.
I also received a Tony Moly tissue face mask in my box, these retail at approx £5 like nearly everyone else on this planet at the moment I am a massive fan of Korean beauty products and tissue masks and tony moly is the best in both these categories, I buy and use these exact masks regularly and adore them, I may of hinted to Lucy that my favourite one was the rice one and by magic this is the one I received. These masks are lovely, they smell good, they cling really well and don’t slide off your face and leave plenty of serum behind to massage into your face, neck, chest and shoulders afterwards. This particular rice one leaves my skin looking so even toned and healthy I love it. It’s safe to say this tissue mask was a very welcome addition to my already amazing Spoilabox.
The next two items I received were two very generous sample sizes of Betty hula products, I received the Rum & blackcurrant body moisturiser and the secret wonder oil. These were very cute, in very cute branded packaging and smelt amazing, the body moisturiser was pretty much gone by the following morning as I loved it and could not stop applying it. The wonder oil was very nice too, it soaked into the skin really quick therefore not leaving an oil slick floating on top of my skin which I do find with a lot of oils. They both smelt Divine and Would definitely re-purchase the body moisturiser (a little spoiler on the leaflet inside this box might say that august’s box will contain a full size Betty hula product…… shhhhhh).
I also received a full size Boozi Bodycare hand cream in my box, rrp £3.95. I received this in the fragrance Bellini, the whole range smells of different cocktails, by the way this box could turn me into an alcoholic without having to drink a sip of alcohol…. Cocktail scented hand cream, Prosecco marshmallow, rum body cream,  Hmm…… all delicious and all very boozy, I’m tipsy already. Anyway back on track, to me a hand cream is a hand cream but this was in a really cute can so had the mega cuteness factor on its side. I am always happy with any hand cream in a sub box as I use it all the time, I have one in every handbag and one in every room in my house so hand cream is always welcome. It smelt really good and soaked in pretty quick so I was impressed, I hate hand creams that don’t soak in quick enough as I end up with greasy finger marks on everything, this was not too bad at all. Not the best hand cream I have used but far from the worst.
The last item in my box was a very cute metallic ombré fishtail cosmetic brush. This is so cute and will look fantastic on my vanity table, I probably will not use this brush but just keep it on display on my vanity table, although it very soft and packed with bristles, I ran it through my hands a few times and did not notice any fall out of the bristles and it is a perfect angle for a sharp contour and thin enough at the thinnest part for a nose contour.
The overall value of my Spoilabox is amazing, I will honestly use everything and besides the Betty hula samples everything was full size, but once you have tried the Betty hula you will definitely want to stay subbed for the august edition of Spoilabox. I am head over heels in love with this box and it is my current favourite subscription box, I cannot fault it all and cannot praise it more, it’s amazing.

Once again thank you to Lucy Braines and well done at sourcing all these amazing products for this lovely little box of happy, smiley amazingness.

Katieemma xoxo

Spoilabox is £13.99 a month, plus £3.99 postage.

The overall value of July’s box was approximately £35.
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To watch my unboxing video for the July Spoilabox, you can do so via clicking play below


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