About Us

We are BoXession. We are a large Facebook Group of people who are addicted to Beauty and Subscription Boxes.

We started out life as a Beauty Box Swap Shop, but then quickly realised that we love all types of Subscription Boxes. It is not only us that have this addiction, it extends to our Partners, Children and Family and if they don’t know a Box exists for a Hobby or Interest they enjoy, we will soon find them one!

We quickly realised the growth rate of the group was something that exceeded our expectations, so we decided that reviewing boxes and products are both a wealth of knowledge for our members, and FREE Advertising for the companies. It seemed like a win/win situation. One of the most common questions on the group is ‘What boxes do you recommend?’ We can then direct them here! We include links to company Websites, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too if they request. We can also include discount codes in our reviews to entice new Subscribers.

We are now also running Competitions to boost Facebook likes for Businesses and offer Freebies to our Members. New ideas are being brought to life on the page constantly, such as Member of the Month, Freebies and Discount Threads, giveaways, games and more.
We have a team of 7 Admin who consist of :

  • Mel – Founder of BoXession
  • Hayley – Admin & Blogger
  • Sam – Admin & Blogger
  • Jasmine – Admin & Blogger
  • Jen – Admin & Blogger
  • Chloe – Admin & Blogger
  • Nazia – Admin & Blogger

If you want to know more about each of us as individuals, then please see ‘The Team’ section to get an insight into our loves, passions and to put a face to the names!
Here is the direct link to our Group, for more links see the Social Media section or click on the Icons on the menu bar.

Much Love xx